How to cook Inarizushi

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Inarizushi (いなり寿司) is one of the Sushi which used for mostly lunch box. Inari is flavored Aburaage. Inarizushi is putting Sushi rice inside Inari. It is one of the great way to enjoy Sushi rice.

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How to cook Inarizushi

- Soy Sauce
- Vinegar
- Salt
- Sugar
- Abura Age, fried Tofu.

Removed all extra greases from Abura age by boiling them with hot water.

Boil them about one or two minutes.

Cool them down and cut them half.

Add 300cc of water in to a fry-pan.

Add 3 large table spoons of Soy Sauce.

Add 5 large table spoons of sugar.

Then boil it.

When it start boiling, add Abraage.

Use medium heat, and boil them until all the sauce will be gone.

Prepare cold rice and add vinegar and salt.

When Abraage is ready, wash lightly with cold water to to drop the extra sauce, and cool it down.

Use spoon and put Sushi rice inside of Aburaage.