How to cook Hijiki no Nimono

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Hijiki is a seaweed gathered in Spring. Hijiki no Nimono, the boiled Hijiki with flavor is one of the popular way of cooking Hijiki. It is flavored with soy sauce, Dashi, sake , mirin and sugar. The ingredients are very flexible to choose. Carrot, soy beans, and Aburaage is commonly used for Hijiki no Nimono.


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How to cook Hijiki no Nimono

- Hijiki 30g
- Plainly boiled soy beans.
- Abraage 1
- Sugar 1 large table spoon
- Soy Sauce 2 large table spoons
- Dashi little
- Sake 1 large table spoon
- Mirin 1 large table spoon

First, wash Hijiki. When Hijiki was raw, just wash it with water. If it's dried Hijiki. Sink it into water for 10 to 20 min.

Next, remove the extra oil of Aburaage by boiled water.
Then, slice them into fine pieces.

Next, cut a carrot into fine pieces, too. First, cut it about 5cm wide. Then, peel off and slice.

Next, grill the ingredients. Add sesame oil into a pan and grill carrots and Hijiki.

Then, add one cup of water (200cc). Add one large table spoon of Sugar.
Add two large table spoons of Soy Sauce.
Add one large table spoon of Sake.
Add one large table spoon of Mirin.
Add little dashi.
Add boiled Soy Beans.

Then, mix them.

Let them boil until all the water is gone.

After all the water is gone, stop fire and cool down.

Once it gets cold, that's it.