How to cook Fukagawa-don

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Fukagawa-don (深川丼) is a one of Japanese bowl. It is a bowl with Miso soup, green onion and clams. It was Edo fisherman's food. Fukagawadon was very popular during the end of Edo period because it's easy, healthy, cheap and taste good.

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How to cook Fukagawa-don

- Clams (500g)
- Rice
- Miso
- Sugar
- Sake
- Mirin
- Soy Sauce
- Aburaage
- Ginger
- Green Onion

Put clams into water and remove sands from them (1 hr.).
Prepare boiled water and put aburaage to remove extra grease.
Cut 1/3 of green onion, and slice it 1cm skew.
Cut aburaage half, then slice them finely.
Slice Ginger finely.
(1 hr. later) remove water from clams.
Prepare pan with water and add 3 large table spoons of Sake.
Add clams, and boil them until all clams open their shells.
Stop fire and cool them down.
Remove clams (keep the soup).
Remove clams from their shells.
Prepare another pan and add clam soup.
Add one large table spoon of Soy Sauce.
Add two large table spoons of Mirin.
Add two small table spoons of suger.
One table spoon of Miso.
Them boil them.
When it's boiling, add all the ingredients except clams for 5 min.
Add clams and boil with weak fire for 10 min.
Prepare a bowl with rice and put them on the rice.
Add Nori, if you like it.
That's it.