How to cook Curry Udon

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Curry Udon is one of the popular style of Udon. Instead of Udon Soup, Curry Udon takes Curry flavor, but not like standard curry, this one is more like soup. It is great hot noodle especially in the winter.

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How to cook Curry Udon

Ingredients for 2 persons.
- Udon noodle for 2
- Chicken, breast meat 120g
- Green Onion 1/3
- Curry powder for 2 dishes
- Soy Sauce with Dashi
- Sake

Cut chicken to one bit size.
Boil water.
When water is boiled, put chicken into a pan.
Remove scums.
I add little Dashi for a secret flavor.
Add two scoop of Soy Sauce with Dashi.
And add Sake one scoop of Sake.
You can add more Sake. Sake erase a smell of meat.
Stop fire and add Curry Powders and melt them.
(1 bowl of Udon = 1 dish of Curry powder.)
While waiting for curry soup to be ready, let's cut Green Onion.
Cut green onion 1cm wide in skew.
Add them into curry soup.
That's it for curry soup.
Boil water, again.
Boil Udon noodle.
Break Udon apart.
Udon noodle is already boild, so heat it about 1 or 2 minutes.
Remove Udon on basket, and drop water.
Put Udon into a bowl.
Add Curry soup.
That's it for Curry Udon.

Curry Udon is easy and tasty food, especially cold winter.