How to cook Chanko-Nabe

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Chanko-Nabe is one of the common Nabe, the Japanese style stew. Chanko is an official food for Sumo Wrestlers. So, originally Chanko-Nabe is the Nabe made by and for Sumo Wrestlers. Because pork and beef are quadrupedal and they are always hands on the ground, which means to lose in Sumo, Chanko uses only Chicken. There is no definition of the ingredients, but Chanko-Nabe is always filled with many foods.

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How to cook Chanko-Nabe

- Chicken leg 1,
- Meat Balls 200g,
- Tofu 1,
- Carrots 1,
- Shiitake Mashroom 2,
- Green Onion 1,
- Garlic chive 1 pack,
- Napa Cabbage 1/4,
- Aburaage 3,
- Shirataki 300g,
- Soy Sauce, Sake, Mirin and Salt.

Let's remove extra oil from Aburaage by pouring hot water.
Wash Shirataki with water.
Cut Aburaage by 1cm wide.
Next Napa Cabbage.
Take out the outside leaf, the cut it 5cm wide.
Cut Garlic Chive 5 cm wide.
Next Carrot.
Cut top and bottom, then peel off.
Cut it half.
And again half.
Then slice them about 1 cm thick.
Next Shiitake Mashroom.
Cut the root, and slit top cross.
Next, chicken.
Cut Chicken into one bite size.
Let's make Chanko-Nabe.
We use Kelp and dry bonito for Dashi.
This is Dry Kelp for Dasih.
When you use Kelp for Dashi.
Remove all dusts on Kelp, but never wash it with water.
Put kelp into water (600ml).
Kelp makes more soup if leave them for about 30 min.
Then boil them.
Once it's boiled, then stop the heat and remove kelp.
Then add Dashi (600ml) from Dry Bonito.
Kelp Dashi and Bonito Dashi are the same amount.
Add Salt, 4 scoops of small table spoons.
Add Sake, 4 scoops of large table spoons.
Add Mirin, 4 scoops of large table spoons.
Add Soy Sauce, 4 scoops of large table spoons.
Let check out its taste.
Very good.
Let's add ingredients.
First, Chicken.

Shirataki because it takes taste of soup well,
Napa Cabbage,
Green Onion,
Shiitake Mushroom,
Tofu, cut it into one bite size,
Chicken Meat Ball,
then Garlic Chive.

Never let it boil so hot.
Use small fire and boil them until chicken is cooked.
That's it.