Horaien Garden

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Horaien Garden (蓬莱園, houraien) is a Japanese garden located in Kowakidani (小涌谷), Kanagawa Prefecture. It is well known for beautiful Azaleas flowers and autumn leaves. THere are 40 kinds 30,000 Azaleas flowers are planted and they will blossom from end of April to middle of May. In the End of November, they will torn to great autumn leaves.

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There is restroom but no parking.

1. use JR Tokaido Line to Odawara (7 min.)
2. use Hakone Tozan Line to Kowakidani (48 min.)

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Horaien Garden

It is very small garden. However, it has beautiful Azaleas flowers and autumn leaves. Especially, in the end of November, you can enjoy great "Koyo" autumn leaves in this garden. "Koyo (紅葉)" is the great harmony red, yellow, orange, brown and green which created by autumn leaves. It is the one of the unique feature of Japanese fall.