Mt. Hiwadayama Hiking

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Mt. Hiwada(日和田山) and Mt. Monomi(物見山) is located in Hidaka, Saitama Prefecture. It is known as the easy hiking for beginners. Mt. Hiwada is 305m tall and Mt. Monomi is 375m tall. It will take about 4 hours of hiking. It has a great view of the Hidaka area.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restrooms on the trail.
Total distance: about 4km

0. at Kawagoe Station.
1. use JR Kawagoe Line to Higashi Nanno Station.
2. use Seibu Chichibu line to Koma Station.
3. walk.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Mt. Hiwadayama Hiking
Mt. Hiwada 305m tall
Mt. Monomi 375m tall

The hiking trail of Mt. Hiwada and Mt. Monomi is great hiking for a family with small kids because it is very easy and there is no hard steep pass on this trail. From the parking to the top of Mt. Hiwada takes about 1 hour, and to Mt. Monomi takes another 1 hour. So, the entire trail takes about 4 hours of hiking. There are many restrooms on the trail.