Hitacih Ota

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Hitacih Ota (常陸太田) is located northern Ibaraki Prefecture. It has many traditional houses in this town. So, it has the taste of Edo. This place used to be a castle town. The castle was located on the hill called Kujiragaoka, literary means ah ill of a whale. The structure of castle town remains here. Also, the famous Daimyo, Mito Komon, spent his last 10 years here after his retirement.

Tourist Info.
There is parking.
There is restroom at public parking.

0. Mito Station.
1. use JR Suigun Line to Hitachi Ota.

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Hitacih Ota

The site of Hitachi Ota is known as the Edo style town with many Dozo and slope. Dozo is the traditional storage. The city was developed during the Sengoku Era by Satake Clan. Later, it became the city of Mito Komon after his retirement.

… is popular sweets in Hitachi Ota. It's whale figure snake with sweet beans.

… is one of the main feature of Hitachi Ota. Tokugawa Mitsukuni, a.k.a. Mito Komon, spent his last 10 years and finished his "Dainihon shi." Current building was reconstructed in 1819.