Hisayoshi Nohara: Futon maker

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Mr. Hisayoshi Nohara (野原久義) is the master of Futon Making. He is the Grand Champion of Futon Making Competition, and certified "Master of Japanese Craftworks" by Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry of Japan. He trained Traditional Bedclothe Making from his father, and now he has over 38 years of experience. His Futon is considered as the best Futon in the world. It's all hand-made and he will produce the one Futon for each costumers.

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Hisayoshi Nohara: Futon maker

He is the 2nd generation of Nohara Bedclothing Store. In his store, he has not only traditional Futon for Traditional Japanese houses, but he has also Futon for standard bed, spring bed or even water-bed.

The traditional Futon is made from Cotton. Cotton is a great re-cycling material, therefore, he can restore your Futon by using your old cotton.

Hand Made Futon has right direction to lie down.

Hand Made Futon has a side of head and bottom. The side which has no seam is where your head goes.

Three great Advantages of sleeping right direction on the Hand Made Futon.

1. Cottons are properly placed to fit perfectly with human's weight. When we lie down, 80% of our weight goes back side of chest and under hip. Unlike machine made Futon which cotton are flat and evenly placed, Hand Made Futon have more cottons to support those weight so that our body don't bend when they lie down on Futon.

2. Because it made from Cotton, it can hang to dry under Sun. Also, we sweat mostly around neck and shoulders. So, you only have to dry that side.

3. Easy to Fold up Futon. Because you use Futon in right direction, it decides the direction to fold up Futon. Bend bottom inward first. Then roll it over to the head. Then, flip it over. This way, you don't make wrinkle on the upper body side of Futon.

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Assembling Mr.Nohara's Futon Set

Watch the video of how to assemble his Futon set after you recieve the package.
Customers Review: Mr.Kowalski
Sleeping on the futon I purchased from Mr. Nohara via has been absolutely amazing! The quality of support that I get from the mattress, combined with the custom fit pillow has ensured I wake up feeling rested and ready to go. Sleeping on a futon is part and parcel of living in Japan, but if you're going to do it, you might as well do it right. I could not be happier with my purchase! Arigatou gozaimasu to Toshi and mr. Nohara!!