Hirokane House

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Hirokane House (広兼邸) is one of remaining Edo Style houses in Fukiya. It was built in the end of Edo period. Hirokane Motoharu, the 2nd owner of Bengara factory, spend a tremendous amount of his family fortune to built giant house and his private Stone walls.

Tourist Info.
Admission: 300 yen.

0. at Okayama Station.
1. use JR Hakubi Line to Bitchu Takahashi.
2. use bus to Fukiya Furusatomura.
3. use a taxi.

Better to visit by a car.

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Hirokane House

Hirokane House was built in the end of Edo period by Hirokane Motoharu. Hirokane family made a great success with "Bengara" and built his house like a castle with great stone walls. They started business in 1790, and built this house and walls in 1810. The height of the stone wall is 15m tall and layered with Jubako style.

The house represents the high class house and art of Edo period. The Kawara on its roof are called Sekishu Style. Hirokane hired Kawara designer from Shimane for this house.

The size of the house is about 40 square meters with 56 rooms.