Hiking at Mt. Hinode

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Hiking at Mt. Hinode (日の出山ハイキング) is one of the popular hiking spots in Tokyo located in Hinode town. It is a 902m tall mountain that has a great view of Tokyo. It is very easy hiking from Mt. Mitake or you can climb up from the bottom. This video introduces from the bottom. It is very popular because you can visit by train and bus.

Tourist Info.
There are restroom and parking.

0. at Itsukaichi station.
1. use a local bus to Tsurutsuru Onsen.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Hiking at Mt. Hinode
Entire distance: 6.5km
Average time: 4 hours
The altitude difference: 542m in total.
Level: For beginners.

There are many trekking routes for this hiking. The most popular route is from Mt. Mitake. This video introduces the route from Tsurutsuru Onsen. After hiking, you can enjoy Onsen.