Hiking at Ojirogawa Valley

Travel Information

Hiking at Ojirogawa Valley (尾白川渓谷ハイキング) offers beautiful green water and many waterfalls. It is located in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture. It is about 4 hours round trip with many adventure. Ojirogawa Valley has beautiful green water. In Autumn, the leaves here will be changed their color. It is breathtaking.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
Takes 4 hours round trip.
Very difficult pass. Need shoes for trekking.
Please write down the emergency contact information.
Notice: There are many dangerous spots. So. please watch your steps.

Need a car. Use Route 20 and go west to 614. Travel to Hakusyu Kanko Ojiro Camping space.


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Detailed Travel Guide

Hiking at Ojirogawa Valley
The altitude: 1,100m
The altitude difference: 340m
Level: the beginners to the intermediate people.

Ojirogawa River is located northern Minami Alps and its valley is very popular hiking spots. The access to this valley is very easy, therefore, many people visit here on the weekend. The water is chosen as 100 best Japanese water.

The water is so pure and has rich green color. It's a great spot for Koyo in Autumn and Green Leaves in early summer.

There is river pass and mountain trail course. Use river pass when you climb, and walk down mountain trail course.

Start Parking
-Sengafuchi- 10 min.
-San Falls- 20 min.
-Asahi Falls- 30 min.
-Yuriga Fuchi- 25 min.
-Jinja Falls- 15 min.
-Fudo Falls- 45 min.
Back to parking 1 hr. 30 min.