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Hie Shrine (日枝神社) is located in the middle of Tokyo Metro. It was built in 1478 by Ota Dokan to protect Edo town. It enshrines Ooyamakuhi-no-kami, god of business success, and protector of nature. Hie Shrine was the protector of Edo Castle and Tokugawa Shogun, and also the protector of Edo people during Edo Period. Today, many people visit for their success and peace.

Visitors Info.
There is a parking. South entrance has an elevator.

0. at Tokyo Station
1. use Marunouchi Line to Akasaka Mitsuke (10 min.)
2. walk south (5 min.)


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Hie Shrine

Enshrine: 大山昨神 Ooyamakuhi no Kami
Festival of the shrine: 6/15

Hie Shrine was built in 1478 when Ota Dokan built Edo Castle and started built castle town of Edo. He invited Kawagoe Sanno Shrine to Edo for its success.

After Tokugawa Ieyasu moved Edo in 1590, Hie Shrine became the guardian of Edo Castle and Edo city, and highly respected by Shogun as the mother god of Tokugawa Government. Also, civilians of Edo considered Hie Shrine as the master of Gods and guardian of Edo during Edo Period.

Hidetada, 2nd Shogun, removed the location of the shrine out side of the castle when he reconstructed entire Edo Castle. Current location was settled by Shogun Ietsuna in 1657.

Hie Shrine has been respected by Tokyo citizen since then.

There are 27 Katana which given by all Tokugawa Shoguns when they succeeded Shogunate. Also, many letters of Shogun and other Tokugawa related items are in this shrine.

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