Haze Kofun

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Haze Kofun (土師ニサンザイ古墳) is one of Mozu Kofun Group in Saka, Osaka. It is a front square back circle Kofun built in late 5th century. It is registered as a national historical asset. The size of Kofun is 290m wide and 8th biggest Kofun in Japan. No emperor was buried in this Kofun.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking or restroom.
DONOT enter Kofun.

0. at Sakai Higashi Station.
1. use Nankai Koya Line to Nakamozu.
2. walk south.

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Map around Haze Kofun

Detailed Travel Guide

Haze Kofun

Type: Front Square Back Circle.
Built: Unknown.
Size: 290m wide, circle 156m wide, 22.5m tall, square 226m.

Nisanzai Kofun is 8th biggest Kofun in Japan. It has used to be 2 layers moats. In that case it would be over 300m wide.