Harimaya Bridge

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Harimaya Bridge (はりまや橋) is one of the most famous bridge in Japan. It was the stage of popular love story "Yosakoibushi." It is also known as "Nihon Sandai Gakkari" spots, three most disappointing spots in Japan. It was used to be a small bridge. It connected Harimaya and Hitukiya.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking or restroom.

0. at Kochi Station.
1 use street train to Harimayabashi.

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Map around Harimaya Bridge

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Harimaya Bridge

It was used to be a small red bridge. Harimaya is the name of the merchant house locate nearby this bridge. It was used for the main stage of a movie and became very famous in Japan.

It is also used for Yosakoibushi.

Today, the original location is extended, and the old look bridge is reconstructed next to the current bridge.