Hanazono Shrine

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Hanazono Shrine (花園神社) is located in Kita-Ibaraki. It is one of the oldest shrine in Ibaraki. Hanazono Shrine was established in 795 by Sakanoueno Tamuramaro. There are many over 700 years old Cedar Trees that create the sacred space. Also, it is very popular Koyo spot in Ibaraki.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.

Need a car. Use route 27 from Hitachi.

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Map around Hanazono Shrine

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Hanazono Shrine

Hanazono Shrine was established in 795 by the Sakanoure no Tamuramaro when he was attacking northern Japan.

Constructed in 1792.

-Worshipping Hall-
Constructed in 1851.

The monkey is the guardian of the mountain.
It was donated by Satake Hideyoshi. It has also unique Onigawara.