Hananuki Valley

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Hananuki Valley (花貫渓谷) is one of the best Koyo spot located in Takaogi, Ibaraki Prefecture. It is famous Koyo Spot in Northern Kanto Region. From the middle to the end of November, it has beautiful Autumn leaves. The hiking course is about 1 hour long walking.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
During the Koyo Season, there are many food stands and gift shops open at the parking.

Need a car. Located on Route 461 from Takaogi.

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Map around Hananuki Valley

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Hananuki Valley

Hananuki Valley is located in Northern Ibaraki Prefecture. It is known as the great nature spot, especially Autumn leaves. Around Shiomi Bridge to north there are Momiji walk. Shiomi Bridge is also well know as Koyo spots. There are 2 beautiful waterfalls in this valley.

-Shiomi Falls-
-Fudo Falls-