Grave of Minamoto no Yoritomo

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The Grave of Minamoto no Yorhitomo (源頼朝の墓) is located in northeast of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, Kamakura. Yoritomo is the first Shogun open Samurai government in 1192. He died in 1199. He is the founder and president of Samurai and its sprits with Zen. Now, many people visit and pay their respects of Samurai Spirits here.

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There is no parking.

0. at Kamakura Station
1. walk northeast (15 min.)

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Grave of Minamoto no Yoritomo

In 1180, Minamoto no YOritomo raised an army in order to overthrow the Heike clan, and with Kamakura as his headquarters, he defeated the Heike clam in 1185. In addition, the creation of the Kamakura Government in Okura established the foundations of the samurai system of government in Japan.
In 1199, at the age of 53 Yoritomo passed away and was laid to rest at his own lace of worship, Hokkendo, which then became a very holy place as his grovesite. Hokkendo was later abolished, however traces of its location remain around the top of this hill.
It is said that the current pagoda on the site was erected by the Shimazu feudeal lord, Shimazu Shigehide.