The Grave of Shinsengumi

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The Grave of Shinsengumi (近藤勇の墓) is located in front of Itabashi Station. It is the grave of Kondo Isami, the commander of Shinsengumi, and Hijikata Toshizo, the vice commander. This grave was built by Nagakura Shinpachi who is the captain of 2nd unit force of Shinsengumi and one of few survivors through Boshin War. There is also Nagakura's grave in this place.

Tourist Info.
There is a note which you can leave your message to Shinsengumi.
No parking.

0. at Ikebukuro Station
1. use JR Saikyo Line to Itabashi (5 min.)
2. walk east (1 min.)

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The Grave of Shinsengumi

In 1868, Kondo Isami was executed at Itabashi. His head was delivered to Kyoto and his body was buried at Mitaka. This Grave of Shinsengumi was built by Nagakura Shinpachi in 1876. In the front of the grave, there is both name of Kondo and Hijikata, and the side, there is the list of the name of Shinsengumi members.

Nagakura is one of few survivors of Shinsengumi. He wrote the book of Shinsengumi and taught his Shinsengumi Sword skills to next generation for his life.