Fussa Tanabata Festival

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Fussa Tanabata Festival (福生七夕まつり) is the popular Tanabata Festival in Tokyo. It holds in early August. The festival takes a couple of day, and there are lots of Matsuri performance, such as dance parades, Mikoshi parade, and music events. The designing competition of Fukinagashi, the decoration of Tanabata, is also held. You can enjoy great performance and interesting Fukinagashi.

Tourist Info.
There is a regulation of traffic.

0. at Hachioji Station.
1. use JR Hachiko Line to Haijima (12 min.)
2. use JR Ome Line to Fussa (5 min.)

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Detailed Travel Guide

Fussa Tanabata Festival

Yukata Competition - one of the famous competition in this festival.
Fukinagashi Design

Dance and performance
Samba parade
Hyottoko Dance parade - traditional dance
Local Dance parade
Light-up cart parade
Mikoshi and Dashi parade
Soran Dance performance

Each year, this festival invite famous musician.

Lots of food stands in this festival.