Teramachi Street

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Teramachi Street (寺町通り) is a temple street in Ono. There are about 20 temples on this street which give tourist the view of Kyoto. The city of Ono was built by Kanamori Nagachika in 1575. He built this city based on the layout of Kyoto.

Tourist Info.
Those temples are not tourist attraction. When you visit inside the temple, please keep your voice down and stay in good manners.

0. from Fukui Station.
1. use JR Etsumihoku Line to Ono (55 min.)
2 walk west (15 min.)

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Map around Teramachi Street

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Teramachi Street

Kanamori Nagachika, samurai of Oda Nobunaga, designed Echizen Ono Castle as well as the outlying castle town. The original design consists of six streets running from East to West, perpendicularly bisecting six rods running North to South. Teramachi is the western-most boundary of this division.

The rows of old houses, constructed in the Kyoto design, still stand as a testimony to the town's history.