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Fuchu (府中) is the 3rd biggest city in Tokyo, and located in the center of Tokyo. Fuchu was used to be the capital of Musashi, and had been very important area during Edo period because it is located on the Koshu Road. Today, there are huge shopping malls, and Fuchu is very famous for Tokyo Race Course which is one of the most famous horse race course in Japan.

Tourist Info.
Takes 2 hours of walking to visit all historic site in Fuchu.
There is shuttle bus to Tokyo Race Course.

0. at Shinjuku
1. use Keio Line to Fuchu (30 min.)

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Map around Fuchu

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Tokyo Race Course
One of the most famous Horse Race Cours in Japan. Most of Grade 1 flat horse races are opened at this course.

Historic Sites of Fuchu

Keyaki Tree Avenue
... is the avenue leading to Okunitama Shrine. The first Keyaki trees were planted by Minamoto no Yoriyoshi and Yoshiie. In 1062, Yoriyoshi and Yoshiie visit the shrine and pray their great victory at Oshu. After the victory, they visited the shrine again and planted 1,000 Keyaki Trees. Those Keyaki trees were remained until 1950's, but lost by Typhoon.

Current Keyaki tree avenue was planted by Tokugawa Ieyasu from 1596 to 1615. The avenue was used to be riding ground because Fuchu was the biggest horse-breeding area and horse market in Japan.

Okuni Tama Shrine
... is one of Five Major Shrine of Tokyo and oldest Shrine in Japan. It was built in 111 A.C.E. It was used to be the government of Musashi during the early ages. Yoritomo, Yoshiie, and Ieyasu payed a lot of respect to this shrine and prayed for their success.

The Battle of Bubaigawara
In 1333, Nitta Yoshisaza gathered his armies against Kamakura Government. Hojo of Kamakura send 100,000 armies to stop Nitta's army. They fought at Bubaigawara field in May 15. Because the army of Kamakura had larger number of soldiers and their motivation were high, they defeated Nitta's armies. However, Nitta did a surprise attack next morning, and successfully defeated Kamakura armies.