Emperor Richu Kofun

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Emperor Richu Kofun (履中天皇陵) is one of Mozu Kofun Group located Sakai, Osaka. It is front square back circle Kofun with moat. The size of this Kofun, is 360m and it is the 3rd biggest Kofun in Japan. It is also known as Kamiishidumisanzaikofun, and the official name is Mozunomimiharanominaminomisasagi.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking or restroom.

0. at Sakaishi Station.
1. use JR Hanwa Line to Uenoshiba.
2. walk north.

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Map around Emperor Richu Kofun

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Emperor Richu Kofun

Type: Front Circle Back Square Kofun with Moat.
Size: 360m wide in total. Diameter of back circle is 205m and 25m tall.
Built in: Late 5th century.
The person buried: Emperor RIchu.

It is the 3rd biggest Kofun in Japan. Legend said, it is the Kofun of Emperor Richu. However, some archeologists said that it might built earlier than Daisenryo Kofun.

There is a pray field in front of front square.