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Domori (堂森) is located in Yonezawa, Yamagata. Maeda Keiji (前田慶次) lived Domori at the end of his career. Maeda Keiji is famous Samurai who work for Uesugi Kagekatsu and also known as the most famous "Kabukimono" during the Sengoku Period. His grave, ruins of houses and other related spots are in Domori.

Tourist Info.
Some of the ruins are inside of the private property. Be careful when you visit.

0. at Yonezawa Station
1. walk east (30 min.)

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Map around Domori

Detailed Travel Guide

Domori Zenkoji Temple
... is Shingon Buddhist temple where Keiji was buried in 1612. There is his monument and other his related spots in this temple.

Keiji's Power Stone (Keiji no Chikaraishi)
... was used by Keiji to show people how he was strong.

Moon View Hill (Tsukimi Daira)
...was Keiji's favorite party spots. Keiji used to have a party with his best friend Naoe Kanetsugu. It has great view of Yonezawa area.

Ruin of Mukuan
Mukuan is the last house of Maeda Keiji. There is famous Yatake Bamboo still remains.

Keiji Shimizu
... is the spring which Keiji used this water for his house Mukuan.