Digahara Market Festival

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Digahara Market Festival (台ケ原市) is one of the free markets events happenes in the middle of Ocober at Hokuto, Yamanashi prefecture. There are about 250 shops open in this festival. Each shops has unique craft works that are created by the local designers. It has also Kimono wearing service. You can try on Japanese traditional clothing and walk around the old post town. The established Sake brewery will be open thier shop and you can see the inside of the brewery.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
It takes 3 days around the middle of October.
Kimono Service: 3000 JPY for Adult and 1500 JPY for kids.
10:00 to 16:30

0. at Kobuchizawa Station.
1. use the shuttle bus to Daigahara.


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Detailed Travel Guide

Digahara Market Festival
Digahara Market Festival is one of the popular free market held at Daigahara Post town. Daigahara is one of the post town on Kosyukaido Road. There are many traditional houses are remaining here. At the middle of October for 3 days, there is Free Market.

About 250 shops and designers, craftmen and other artists gathers from all over the world. Also, many antique shops and 2nd hand shop also opens in this festival. You might find great antique items that might be breat value.

Kimono Service
You register and change at Jigenji Temple that is located 20 min. walking from Daigahara.
It takes 30 min. to change.
Fee: 3000 JPY for Adult, 1500 JPY for kids.