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Daikakuji temple (大覚寺) is one of the major temples in Kyoto. It is Shingon Buddhism established in 876 by the imperial prince Tsunesada. This place was used to be 2nd house of Emperor Saga. The priests of Daikakuji had been served by the imperial families. Therefore, it is considered as one of the highest class of temples in Japan. There are beautiful Japanese garden that just like the garden of the imperial palace.

Visitor's Info.
There is parking and restroom.
Admission: 500 yen for adult, 300 yen for under high school.
Open: 9:00 to 17:00

0. at Kyoto Station.
1. use Local bus to Daikakuji (30 min.)

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Daikakuji temple

Official Name: Kyu-Sagagosho Daikakuji Monzeki (旧嵯峨御所 大覚寺門跡)

Daikakuji is the Top of Daikakuji Shingon Buddhism. It was established in 867 by the imperial prince Tsunesada. The former temple of Daikakuji was Sagain Temple built as the 2nd imperial palace of Emperor Saga. Emperor Saga enthroned in 809. He is one of the great emperor who made a peace and stability of Heiankyo, current Kyoto. In 818, there was a huge crop failure. Priest Kukai of Shingon Buddhism advised Saga Emperor to write Hannya Shinkyo for the saving of the empire and people. This Hannya Shinkyo open public every 60 years.

The grandson of Saga Emperor, prince Tsunesada, established Daikakuji temple at this place. SInce then, the priest of Daikakuji was served by the retired emperor or imperial families. Therefore, it is considered as one of the highest class of temples in Japan.

Daikakuji is also known as the birth place of Ikebana, or Kado.

It was removed from the imperial palace of Tofukumonin. The building takes style of Shindendukuri with Iriomoya Roof. In front of the building, there is garden with white sands, and Tachibana of Ukon, and Ume of Sakon.

Used for the enthronement of Emperor Taisho.

It is the main temple of Daikakuji built in late 18th century.

The roof of the path that connects each building are very low to stop sword from swinging.

-Osawa Pond-
Osawa Pond is the oldest artificial pond for Japanese style garden. It was constructed by Emperor Saga in Heian period. It was imitated from Lake Dotei in China. Osawa Pond has been known as the three major moon view ponds since Heian era.

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