Chushi Falls

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Chushi Falls (中止の滝) is 35m tall waterfalls located Ueno, Gunma. This waterfalls was found in Meiji era. When it was found by researchers, they stop working because the waterfall was so beautiful. After that, people started called this waterfall "The fall of Break."

Tourist Info.
There is a parking.

0. at Maebashi Station.
1. use JR Ryomo Line to Takasaki (15 min.)
2. use JR Takasaki Line to Shinmachi (10 min.)
3. use bus to Kamiru Machi (69 min.)
4. use bus to Ueno Mura (33 min.)
5. use taxi to Chushinotaki

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Map around Chushi Falls

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Chushi Falls

30 min from the parking, but required hard climbing.