Chunichi Onoura Camp Site

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Chunichi Onoura Camp Site (中日小野浦キャンプ村) is one of the camp site located in Mihama, Chita Peninsula, Aichi Prefecture. This camp site has auto camp site and cabins. It is only 3 min. walking from the camp site to Onoura Beach. The site is surrounded by small mountain. It has many facilities for camping.

Tourist Info.
Amission: 4500 yen for weekdays. 5000 yen for weekends. 5500 yen for summer time weekend.
This price include the parking for one car and 4 people.
Additional fee for another additional person.
24 hr. Coin Shower: 200 yen for 3 min.
Reservation: 090-1624-3433
Official Web
There is no food you can buy here. There are no super market, either.
Check in and out time: 13:00 and 11:00
They sale, the Charcoal for BBQ and woods for camp fire.

0. at Otagawa Station.
1. use Meitetsu Kawawa Line to Fuki Station.
2. use Meitetsu Chita Line to Utsumi Station.
3. walk.
or drive 247

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Detailed Travel Guide

Chunichi Onoura Camp Site
Chuniti Onoura Camp and Bungalow Village is one of the auto camp site located in Mihama, Aichi Prefecture. It is located right next to Onoura Beach. Therefore it is very convenient to enjoy the beach
and camp at the same time.

You cannot set the fire on the ground. You have to use BBQ stand or a box for fire.

Auto Camp site
24 hr. Coin Shower
Laundry Machine