Chisuji Fall

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Chisuji Fall (千条の滝, chisujinotaki) is located right next to Horaien in Kowakidani. It is 3m high and 20m wide. The fall itself is very small but the landscape with the waterfall is very beautiful. Especially, in summer you can enjoy great color of green leaves, and in fall, you can enjoy beautiful autumn leaves. There are many hiking courses around this fall.
This fall is found by Mr. Enomoto about 100 years ago. Because the fall has many small waterfalls which look like strings, he named this fall "Chisuji" which means 1000 lines. It is very spiritual place.

Tourist info.
No restroom, no parking.

1. use JR Tokaido Line to Odawara (7 min.)
2. use Hakone Tozan Line to Kowakidani (48 min.)
3. walk south (20 min.)

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Chisuji Fall

Chisuji Fall is located on hiking courses of Mt. Hakone. Because there are shuttle bus from JR Odawara Station to Mt. Hakone, there are many hiking courses of Mt. Hakone which you can easily access from Odawara staion. Chisuji Fall is located in Kowakudani which has great hot spring. So, if you are looking for one-day hiking with Japanese "Onsen" from Tokyo area, check out these hiking courses of Mt. Hakone.