Chiba Port Tower

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Chiba Port Tower (千葉ポートタワー) is a 137m tall tower located in Chiba Port. It was built in 1986 for the dedication of 5 million population of Chiba Prefecture. There are three levels of the observatories which offeres great 360 degree view of Tokyo Bay and Ciba City, especially at beautiful at night. When the air is clear you can also see Mt. Fuji.

Tourist Info.
There is parking.
Admission: 410 yen for adult, 200 yen for kids, free for under 1st grade.
Open: Summer(6/1 to 9/30) 9:00 to 21:00, Winter(10/1 to 5/31) 9:00 to 19:00

0. at Chiba Station
1. use Town Liner to Chiba Minato (5 min.)
2. walk south west (12 min.)

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Map around Chiba Port Tower

Detailed Travel Guide

Chiba Port Tower

The height: 137.25m
Top Observatory: 113m high.
The 3rd floor(109m high) has a cafeteria. At night,
sometimes, there is a music show at the 3rd floor.

At the ground level, there is local gift shops of Chiba Prefecture. The ice cream from Chiba Farm is very popular in this tower.