Bunkyo Ajisai Festival

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Bunkyo Ajisai Festival (文京あじさいまつり) is one of the five major festival of Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo. It is held at Hakusan Shrine during the beginning of June. There are about 3,000 Ajisai bloom in this Shrine. Hakusan Shrine is also well known for the god of dental care. Many people who has problem with their teeth, visit here and pray for their teeth recovery.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking. Admission is free.

0. at Ikebukuro Station.
1. use Marunouchi Line to Korakuen (6 min.)
2. use Mita Line to Hakusan (2 min.)
3. walke west (1 min.)

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Bunkyo Ajisai Festival

During the festival, there are many music performance, Japanese drums, Jazz and other music played by local school students. Also, free markets and food stands will be open.