Boroichi Market

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Boroichi Market (ボロ市) is the biggest event in Setagaya. Over 700 small stores open which sale used clothes, furniture, supply, glossaries, foods, arts, crafts works and all kinds of items which you can imagine. It has even Shrine for your houses. Every year, over 200 thousand shoppers visit this events.

Tourist Info.
It happens in 15th and 16th of December and January.

0. at Shibuya Station.
1. use Tokyu Denentoshi Line to Sangenchaya. (8 min.)
2. use Tokyu Setagaya Line to Setagaya.

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Boroichi Market

Boroichi started in 1578 by Hojo Ujimasa. He started free market in Setagaya for building new post town in this area. After the fall of the Hojo, this event gets smaller but kept for hundreds of years by local farmers. All villagers gathered with their belongings and trade each others.

Boro literary means used, 2nd hands.