Bengara Museum

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Bengara Museum (ベンガラ館) is restored plantation of Bengara Factory. This factory was used until 1974 by Tamura family. Bengara production was started in 1707. This Bengara Museum shows the process of making Bengara from oxidized iron.

Tourist Info.
Admission: 300 yen.

0. at Okayama Station.
1. use JR Hakubi Line to Bitchu Takahashi.
2. use bus to Fukiya Furusatomura.
3. use a taxi.

Better to visit by a car.

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Map around Bengara Museum

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Bengara Museum

Bengara is a iron oxide which commonly painting and coloring material for red color. It was invented in 1707, and Fukiya is one of the first place which produced Bengara because it has a huge copper and iron mining.

Process of Making Bengara
Step one: "Burning"
Heat iron oxide with sun to make it to a green powder. The powder is called "Roha." Then, burn them at a cauldron. It became red.

Step Two: "Washing and Grinding"
The burned Roha still contains lots of impure substance. Put the burned Roha into water. Then grind them with stone grinder. The grinder is powered with water mill.

Step Three: "Deacidification"
After the grinding process, Roha is highly acidic. So, put Roha into water and let them sink at the bottom. Roha is iron and does not dissolve into water. After 100 times of changing water, all the acidic material of Roha will be removed, and what left of them will be Bengara. Let them dry under sun, and it becomes a pure red color material.