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Ashikaga (足利) is the historic city of Tochigi Prefecture, 2 hours from Tokyo. The first Muromachi Shogun, Ashikaga Takauji and his clan were born here, and many of their ruins are still remains in this city. Bandaji-temple was used to be the house of Ashikaga clan. Ashikaga School is the one of the feature of Ashikaga. It is the oldest school in Japan. Ashikaga, today, is popular for its weaving products.

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In summer, there is a huge fireworks festival which has over 20,000 fireworks. Also, Yoroi Toshikosi at February, is another unique festival in Ashikaga.


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Ashikaga is the 3rd biggest city in Tochigi Prefecture. 150,000 people lives in this city. Historically, Ashikaga is the birth place of Ashikaga clan, Seiwa-Genji, and Ashikaga Takauji, the first Muromachi Shogun was born here.

Bannaji Temple
... is Shingon Buddhist Temple which also known as the ruins of Ashikaga clan's house. Minamoto no Yoshiyasu built the house in the middle of 12th century. In 1196, Ashikaga Yoshikane became a priest, and named it Banna. Today, Bannaji is chosen as the historical asset of Japan.

Ashikaga School
... is the first established school in Japan. In 1487, it appears in record at first by the letter of Uesugi Norisane. During the Sengoku Period, 3,000 students studied at this school. The gates, gardens, and buildings have been remaining since 17th century.

Ashikaga Fireworks Festival happens in the beginning of August. It is one of the biggest fireworks in Kanto.

Yoroi Toshikosi happens at Setsubun, February 3.