Aomori Fireworks

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Aomori Fireworks (青森花火大会) is one of the main event of Nebuta Masuri. Nebuta Matsuri is held from August 2 to 7 and this fireworks happens at last night. You can also enjoy Nebuta Bay Traveling at the same time.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
There are many Matsuri shops for food and drinks.
Located at Aomori Port. At Aoiumi Park is the best spot to see.

0. at Aomori Station.
1. walk east (10 min.)

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Map around Aomori Fireworks

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Aomori Fireworks

Fireworks: 10,000

Aomori Fireworks is the best fireworks you can enjoy at Aomori City. It has about 10,000 fireworks. At the same time, there is Nebuta Sea traveling. So, you can ejoy Nebuta and Fireworks at the same time. It is a great combination of the art of night with light.