Akagi Style Folkcraft House

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赤城型民家 GL094 町 古民家 赤城 131 R3 20 410

Akagi Style Folkcraft House (赤城型民家) is located in Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture. It is located inside Gunma Insect Park. Kiryu is known as the town of the weave. This house used to be the house of breeding silkworms. It is still breeding silkworms. This house is constructed in the Meiji period.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and a restroom.
Admission: 410 yen for adults. 200 yen for students. Free for under Junior.
Time: 9:30 to 16:00 (last entry is 15:30)
Closed: Monday (next day when Monday is a holiday.)

0. at Kiryuu Station.
1. use Jomo Line to Akagi Station.
2. walk or take a taxi.

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Akagi Style Folkcraft House
Gunma Insect Park is located in Kiryu city, Gunma Prefecture. It's a park where you can enjoy many concepts of Japanese insects. There are forests, rivers and farms where you can see many different kinds of insects.