Goshado of Akagami Shrine

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Goshado of Akagami Shrine (赤神神社五社堂) is located in Oga Peninsula, Akita prefecture. There are 5 shrines and the center shrine enshrines Akagami. It was established in the period of Japanese Myth. Therefore, it is one of the oldest shrine in Akita. These shrines were constructed in 1710.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
There are 999 steps from the parking to the shrine.

0. at Akita Station.
1. use JR Oga Namahage Line to Oga Station.
2. use Local bus to Monzen chushajo.
3. climb up the steps.

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Goshado of Akagami Shrine

Gosyado is the main shrines of Akagami Shrine. There are 5 shrines located in Oga peninsula. The center of 5 shrines enshrine Akagami. Akagami is Emperor Wu of Han dynasty. It was established in the period of Japanese Myth.

5 Shrines

There are 999 steps that legend said built by Namahage.

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