Godzilla Rock

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Godzilla Rock is located in the western Oga Peninsula, Akita Prefecture.

This seaside is also called Shiose Cape. So named in 1995, Godzilla ROcks looks just like the monster Godzilla. The most popular feature is the "mouth," which looks like Godzilla breathing fire when aligned with a cloudy sunset.

Tourist Info.
There is no restroom.
There is a parking space.

Need a car.
Drive route 59. It is located at the south end of Oga Peninsula.

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Map around Godzilla Rock

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Godzilla Rock
Cape Shiosezaki is a flat area eroded by waves that have protruded from the ocean somewhat. The lapilli tuff resulting from volcanic activity about 30 million years ago is here weathered away to form a unique shape. It is a beautiful site that some might call a natural art museum.

Hokakejima Rocks are so named due to their resemblance to the sail of a sailboat. With a height of 30m, it is the largest rock formation on Oga Peninsula.

The Futago (Twin) Rocks are two similar rocks right next to each other. From a high angle, you can see where magma flowed into the stone to form a dike, and from sea level, you can see the bedrock.

Nearby are many other rock formations such as Godzilla's Tail Rocks, Gamera Rocks, and Turtle Rocks. Another interesting sculpture created by nature.