Samurai Parade

In Japan, there are many festival which demonstrate the parade with whole people wearing traditional Yoroi, the Samurai armers. Those festivals are also the story telling from the real event of related with Samurai hero of each town. See real Samurai parade in those festivals.

Samurai assembled

Informasi Wisata

Samurai assembled in Ashikaga. Yoroi Toshikoshi (鎧年越) is the one of the most unique Setsubun event in Japan. Over 150 people wear Samurai Armors and march to Banna temple (鑁阿寺). At Banna temple, they throw soy bean like usual Setsubun Festival. This festival is originally started 13th century, and re-started in 1915. Their are many people wears various kinds of Samurai armors

Tourist Info.
If you want to join and wear the armors, call 0284-41-2627.
Date: February 3 from 19:00 to 20:00

0. at Maebashi Sation (Gunma Prefecture)
1. use Ryomo Line to Ashikaga (1 hr.)
2. walk north (5 min.)

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