Tokugawa Ieyasu

Tokugawa Ieyasu is one of the most important and famous Samura/Daimyo in the history of Japan. He was the winner of Sengoku Period and open Tokugawa government. He made great peace and stability in Japan for over 250 years. His major action started from Shizuoka and as Shogun, he rule Japan from Edo, currently Tokyo. There are many historic ruins of Ieyasu in Kanto and Shizuoka. For the fan of Ieyasu, there are the must see spots.

Nikko Toshogu Shrine

Informasi Wisata

Nikko Toshogu Shrine (日光東照宮) is a Shinto shrine in Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture. It is part of the "Shrines and Temples of Nikko," a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Toshogu is dedicated to and enshrines Tokugawa Ieyasu ( 徳川家康), the founder of the Tokugawa Government and the first Tokugawa Shogun. After his death, his son the second Shogun Hidetada, and his grandson the third Shogun Iemitsu built this shrine in 1617. Most of the shrine and it ’s structures are preserved in their original form and many of them are designated as National Treasures of Japan.

Visitors Info.
Admission fee:1,300 yen for adult, 450 yen for kids.
For Treasure Museum: 500 yen for adult, 300 yen for high school, 200 for kids.
For Art Museum: 800 yen for adult, 600 yen for high school, 400 yen for kids.
Open: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (4/1-10/31), 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (11/1-3/31)
There is parking space.

0. at Nikko Station.
1. use Local bus to Nikko Toshogu 15 min.