Let's go to Hell in Oita.

Blood Pond Hell

Would you like to know the Japanese hell? Visit Beppe that has the birth place of the image of Japanese Hell. Beppu is the largest Onsen City in the world and many of them are look like Hell. The scenery of Onsen Spring is just like Hell. Beppu Offers the Hell tour that you travel many different kinds of Onsen Hell. Blood Pond Hell is one of the popular hell appears in Japanese fairy-tale. The red Onsen water spring in this pond and it like the pond of filled blood. There is Tornado Hell near by this pond hell.

White Pond Hell

Next Hell is White Pond Hell. Unlike other hell, this pond hell has a beautiful light green or blue color. Next, you visit Evil Mountain Hell. It has extremely hot green Onsen water spring. There are crocodile as the pets of hell. Next Hell is Pot hell. Pot hell is also very popular hell in Japanese story. Boiling men in pots are common torturing and execution. Then, you walk to Mountain Hell. Mountain Hell is a steam hell. The way of the large steam rises up to the mountain is like mountain of Hell.

Sea Hell

Sea Hell is the most beautiful Hell in Beppu Hell Tour. The beautiful blue Onsen water spring with very high temperature. It is look like sea, but no creature can live in the water. The last Hell is Evil monk stone hell. This hell is the mud spring hell. Ver hot mud is coming from the underground. It is just like the scenery of Hell.

There are also, Monk Hell and Myoban Hell are near by those Hells. If you are intersted in the image of Japanese Hell, Check out Beppu Onsen Hell Tour.