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Matsuyama is the captial of Ehime Prefecture. It is 3rd largest population in Chugoku-Shikoku Region. The main feature of Matsuyama is Dogo Onsen. Dogo Onsen is one of the most popular Onsen in Japan and it was ranked 2 stars by the Michelin Guide. Also, the famous literature Masaoka Shiki and Natsume Soseki were born in here. Also, the greatest General and Admiral, Akiyama Brothers were born in Matsuyama. Symbol of Matsuyama is Matsuyama castle. It is one of 12 exisited original castles in Japan. Also, Mikan is best fruits in Ehime. Iyo also has many nice beach.

Akses Matsuyama

By Car

Use Sanyo Express Way to Seto Chuo Express Way to Takamatsu Express Way to Matsuyama Express Way. Exit at Matsuyama.

By Train

Use JR Setoohashi Line to Utazu Station. Change JR Yosan Line to Takamatsu Station.

Matsuyama Castle

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