Visit Shimoda for white sand beach and Onsen

Shirahama Beach

Time to visit Shimoda to enjoy Japanese summer. Shimoda has one of the best white sand beaches in Japan. Especially, Shirahama Beach is gorgeous. Shimoda is located in the south-end of Izu peninsula, and you can access by only one train from Tokyo. So, it is very convenient to visit, too. Shimoda is also Onsen resort with history. So, after you enjoy playing around the beach, you can relax at Onsen.

Irita Beach

Shirahama is not only beach Shimoda has, Irita Beach is also another beautiful white sand beach in Shimoda. It is also large beach but less people in this beach. So, if you want to enjoy beach with wider space around you, maybe Irita beach is the one to visit.

Onsen hotel

Shimoda is also very famous for Onsen. There are many foot Onsen and public Onsen. If you are not interested in much about beach, the scenery of Shimoda with many traditional houses is also worth to visit.

If you are looking for nice beach with Onsen, check out Shimoda!

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