Experience Tsurushi Kazari at Inatori Onsen!

Tsurushi Kazari

Inatori Onsen is located on the south area of Izu Peninsula, approximately, 2 hours from Tokyo. It has great Onsen and fresh fishes which gives you the great combo of Sushi and Sashimi, especially Inatori is famous for its red sea bream. Also, free public foot Onsen is available at center park. One of the main feature of Inatori Onsen is Tsurushi Kazari. Tsurushi Kazari Bina is the handmade hanged up dolls which are decorated at the girls day, on March 3. It is a festival held to celebrate and pray for the good health and growth of little girls.


The older people in Inatori tell about the origin of the tradition in the Edo period, when Hina doll display was something that only the well-to-do could afford. Instead, handmade doll were made to celebrate the health and growth of children and grandchildren. From parental love came the Inatori tradition of Tsurushi Kazari. All dolls are made by Kimono fabric, which is silk, and each figures of dolls has different representation for girls health and growth. For example, tortoise represent the long life.

Learning Tsurushi Kazari

At the Kinunokai you can experience and learn how to make Tsurushi Kazari. The instructors who has carried the tradition from their ancestors, will teach you how to make Tsurushi Kazari. At Kinunokai, you can buy kits to make each dolls. So, you can visit Kinunokai with empty handed, and enjoy the learning Japanese culture from living tradition. You can also buy completed Tsurusi Kazari Dolls here for your daughter, granddaughter or niece.

Tsurushi Kazari Dolls

During the festival, which is from January 20 to March 31, there is the Tsurushi Kazari Museum at the cultural park.

The city of Inatori is also used to be the stone mining town for building Edo Castle. There are many stones left which might be used in the Edo Castle.

Visit Inatori and enjoy experiencing Japanese culture by learning living tradition. Inatori also offers you great Onsen and Sashimi!!
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