Season for Fire Festivals

Fireworks are the most favorite of all summer festivals for Japanese. From this week to the end of August, Firework Festival will take place everywhere in Japan. MustLoveJapan proudly introduces some of the major fireworks festivals (all shoots more than 10 thousand fireworks) in the Tokyo area. Night summer sky in Japan gets decollated by the art of fire.

Sumida Fireworks

The Sumida River Fireworks Festival is the most popular fireworks in Tokyo. Over millions of people gather to enjoy these fireworks. Some people use Yataibune, Japanese party boat, in the middle of Sumida River to have private space right under the flower of fire. Adachi Fireworks and Katsushika Fireworks are also famous and big fireworks festivals. In total, over 43 thousand fireworks will be fired at sky in one week at the east-side of Tokyo.

Kanagawa Fireworks

In Kanagawa Prefecture, there are about 30 fireworks festivals. At Minato Mirai, there is Kanagawa News Paper Fireworks, with more than 8,000 fireworks. In Kanagawa, from Miura Peninsula to Hakone, almost all major cities will have Firework festivals. So, even if you have the tightest schedule in Japan, Kangawa can offer you many fireworks to suite you.


Saitama Prefecture and Gunma Prefecture also have many fireworks festivals which have over 10,000 fireworks.

If you are not too busy, consider wearing Yukata for a Fireworks Festival. Yukata is a traditional outfit best fit for summer festivals. If you are interested, check out How to Wear Yukata here.

Fireworks are everywhere in Japanese Summer! Enjoy and feel the Summer of Japan.
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