How to wear Yukata

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To enjoy Japanese summer festival, we introduce how to wear "Yukata." Yukata is Japanese light cloth which usually offered at Japanese Hotels. However, it is also tradition to wear it at Japanese summer festival. ( 日本語音声です。是非ビデオを御覧下さい。)

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How to wear Yukata

First of all, when you wear Yukata, make sure that hiding your underwear.

Deciding the length of hipline:
Grip here to measure the length from inner skirt.
Make sure bring little higher at the end point.
Hold down with outer skirt. Also, bring little higher at the end.
Fix up the length from hip to heel.

Tie hip with inner cord:
Tie on the sidebone, not around waist.
Tie the inner cord very tight so that Yukata never become the worse for wear.

Adjusting backside:
Adjust the length by putting hand from inside of Yukata.
Pull back outside and fix up the wrinkle.
This is very important to make the line of back center straight.
Make space at back-collar about one clenched hand.
For the short hair parson, make it little tighter.

Adjusting front:
Make "Hashori" (Edge bend) by hand from inside.
Fix up the line straight here, too.
Fix up the front collar this much. Just below throat. Not too open, not to tight.
Tie middle cord.
When it is too loose, adjust it after tie middle cord.
Then, wear "Datejime" (inner belt).

Wearing "Obi" (belt):
Adjust the wind length. It is little longer than shoulder.

Begird twice then tie strong once.
Fix the length of the wings.
The length of the wings will be same as the shoulder line.
Then, bend it couple times, and fix up in the center.
Use the wind to begird. Let it into the middle part.
Pull sideway to tighten up. Put the leftover part in Obi.
Then, roll it back side.

Put "Obiita" (Belt plate) inside of Obi to fix up the belt.

Tie inner cord very strong.
Make "Hashori" part not too long. It should be about 3cm (1.5 inch). It's not beautiful if it's too long.
Adjust the front collar with V-shape.
Don't make back collar too wide.
Erase the backside wrinkle. Make sure the back center straight.
Obi must be really tight.

Fujima Kanrei sensei