Guest House Warabi

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Warabi (ゲストハウス笑び) is a guest house which offers a night's stay without meals located in Mino city, Gifu. The name "Warabi" is combination of "Warai (laugh)" and "Asobi (Play)." The owner named so that every one who stays at his house could always laugh and enjoy playing. It offers the Futon sleeping on Tatami which is very traditional Japanese style. The house is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Definitely, you can enjoy the great morning with nature.

Visitor's Info.
3,200 yen per night. (no meals) per person.
2,500 yen with your own sleeping bag.
Additional 400 yen charge during Nov. to April.
The room is a dormitory room style (men and ladies are separated).
Free mountain spring water.
You can bring foods and drinks.
You can also use kitchen to cook yourself.
Free pick up and drop of from the central area of Mino city.

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