Let's enjoy Japanese summer at Shima Onsen

Canoe in Lake Shima

Japanese summer has come and time to enjoy summer activities. Water activities of riversides and lakes, such as canoeing or rafting, are very popular sports in Japanese summer. Japanese rivers and lakes has fresh water and beautiful nature. Shima Onsen has one of the best spots to enjoy those water activities.
(Photo by Kashiwaya Ryokan)

Beautiful Green Water

Lake Shima is a small artificial lake located in the center of Shima Onsen. It has a beautiful green water. At Lake Shima, you can enjoy canoeing. This lake is located in tight valley. Therefore, you can enjoy nature very close. The lake is very quiet, so it will be very easy for the beginners.

It is also surrounded by beautiful mountains. Therefore, if you are more interested in hiking trails, Shima Onsen also has one of the best trail around Tokyo.

After your activities, of course Shima Onsen offers one of the best Onsen in Japan. Shima Onsen has many excellent Onsen Hotels. Kashiwaya Ryokan is one of great Onsen Hotels. They will take care of canoe and other activities in English for you.

Enjoy Japanese nature and Onsen to relax after activities.
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