Happy New year!

Mt. Fuji from Lake Yamanaka

Happy New Year all MLJ fans! Have you finished Hatsumode, the new year's worship? In Japan, Mt. Fuji is the luckiest object to see during New Year's break! Let MLJ introduce some of the beautiful Mt. Fuji view spots for your best luck of this year 2012.

As the winter comes, the air of Japan is getting clearer and clearer everyday. Mt. Fuji can be seen from farer site, even from Tokyo. MLJ introduces some of no-so-famous but beautiful Mt. Fuji view spots. First, MLJ recommends the view from Lake Yamanaka. There is a hill from which great view of Mt. Fuji and lake Yamanaka can be enjoyed at the same time. The shape of Mt. Fuji is just breath taking from this angle.

Mt. Fuji from Misaka Pass

Misaka Pass offers another great view of Mt. Fuji with Lake Kawaguchi. This view of Mt. Fuji is very different because the altitude of the eye level is very high here. The Mt. Fuji from this pass is one of the best shape. There is a tea house with a nice cup of green tea.

Mt. Fuji from Panorama Hill

From the Panorama Hill, there is a splendid view of Mt. Fuji acompanied with Lake Sai and Lake Shoji. It requires 1 hour of mountain climbing, but it is definitely worth it.

If you have not seen all the angle of Mt. Fuji, please check out this 360 view of Mt. Fuji. This video introduces all angle and their view spots.
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