It's a rain season, and it's time to enjoy Ajisai

Bunkyo Ajisai Festa

June in Japan is a rainy season. You might have to alter your plan because of rain. However, there is something that beautiful in rain. It's Hydrangea, Ajisai in Japanese. Ajisai is a beautiful blue and purple flower that bloom June to early July. Kamakura is very popular spot for Ajisai, but because it's so famous it will be very crowded. So, MLJ introduces great Ajisai spots with less crowded places so that you can enjoy Ajisai better. If you are in Tokyo Metro, and want to see Ajisai without changing your tight schedule, Bunkyo Ajisai Festival at Hakusan Shrine is great for you. It's located near Tokyo Dome. It's great festival to enjoy Ajisai.

Ajisai at Amidaji

Amidaji Temple at Hakone Yumoto Onsen is very popular Ajisai spot as well. If you have a planning to visit Hakone in this season, stroll farther to visit this small temple and beautiful Ajisai. The current priest of the temple planted over 3,000 Ajisai by his own hands. The temple is also very old temple and one of the popular spot in Hakone.

Hananobe no Sato

If you have a car and able to access farther around Tokyo, Hananobe no Sato in Chiba is a great Japanese style garden with full of Ajisai. There is another great Ajisai spot near this garden called Mamenbara Kogen. So, one trip offers you several Ajisai spots.

Also, if you are looking for other Ajisai spots, check out MLJ feature of Kanto Ajisai spots. It offers more for you.

Enjoy Japanese rainy season with beautiful Ajisai Flowers.
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